Now I know why I fell in love with words.

I love how it mysteriously connect lots and lots of people.
I love how it can stimulate all the gears in our brain.
I love how it can take us anywhere without even spending a single dime.
I love how it powerfully can make the world go upside down.
I love how it can stir the strings in our hearts.

But what’s more amusing about words? It’s when left unspoken, or unwritten.

It holds all kinds of emotions.
It bears the heaviest meanings.
It lets you communicate with your mind and heart.
And it will leave you hanging.

Words will be words. May it be expressed or unspoken, published or unwritten.

It’s simple yet complicated.
Unrefined yet beautiful.
Profound yet deceiving.
Weak yet powerful.

And I know you’ll love it too, as much as how I am loving it.


 “Words are immortal – Elinor”  ( Cornelia Funke, Inkheart)
Camera Model: iPad Mini 2
Location: San Mateo, Rizal, Philippines
With Filter

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